FN America FN15 1776

Low Price $841.18

Reno, Nevada FNH USA best selling FN America FN15 1776 is becoming a popular rifle. The 1776 is a basic setup with a minimalist gas block and no sights. Like many new “optics-ready” rifles the choice of sights is up to the shooter, which is kind of helpful and helps keep the overall price down, but in this case the user will have to stick with receiver-mounted optics like scopes and red dot sights as there is no provision for a front iron sight with this gas block.

FN America FN15 1776Another opportunity with the FN America FN15 1776, is that the gas block is fairly low-profile, making this rifle a candidate for the enormous selection of free-floating handguards that clamp directly to the barrel nut. As a platform for mods, the 1776 is solid.

made this one purple for a special customer.... ...
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Fetchums Thundersticks loves guns.
Big Reno Show
Big Reno Show.

FN America FN15 1776

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