DP-12 Double Barrel 12 Gauge Shotgun

Low Price $1,410.59

The DP-12 double barrel pump action shotgun, with a bull pup design is an Indus try first. Explore the bull pump design with two barrels, instead of two magazines. Most tactical professional s express how important a follow up shot can be. The DP-12 makes this easy with one pump. Press the trigger once and the right side barrel fires. Press the trigger the second time fires the left side barrel. Another simple pump and you’re loaded with two more rounds, ready to fire.

The reliability of a pump action shotgun makes the DP-12 stand out as a home defense favorite. The DP-12 is simple with its manual reliability (Click, Click… Bang, Bang). It makes a lot of sense to be able to shoot and then a follow up shot before recycling the gun. The DP-12 has a great design, which may be more expensive than other shotguns but this gun is more than a shotgun. It is machined from a solid billet of aircraft grad 7075 aluminum. It holds a total of 16 shells, seven in each tube, plus one in the chamber. The shock absorbing spring loaded recoil pad is an important part of smooth firing.

This shotgun loads from the bottom and empties from the bottom. It has complete ambidextrous operation because the shells eject from the bottom.

DP12 map

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made this one purple for a special customer.... ...
Glock 43 $455
Fetchums Thundersticks loves guns.
Big Reno Show
Big Reno Show.

Double Barrel Shotgun! DP-12

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